About Us

We Use A Scientific Approach To Management. We Believe Working On Sell-Through is Critical. We Bring A Great Deal of Experience To The task.

We Take a Planned Approach to Territory Management. Our firm does not believe in putting together a dealer base by chance. We maintain a database of all accounts by product segment and use this to plan our distribution through a program we call the "Market Awareness Program". Completing the Program results in a compilation of information on every dealer in the market, covering what brands they carry, and their estimated sales volume in that brand. The study is organized by market area, and allows us to consider the impact of geographic overlap on dealer support. With this data, we are able to put together a scientific and highly focused distribution plan that assures maximized sales. Using this information, we also have the ability to work on long term distribution plans that go beyond simply reaching this month's or this year's sales targets.

We Understand the Dynamics of the Marketplace. Our company strives to understand dealer-to-dealer relationships. We believe this understanding is crucial for putting together the best combination of dealers to reach the highest level of sales. We are pro-active to create sales. It is no longer possible to just write purchase orders at headquarters. Our firm strides to be extremely pro-active at floor level and at headquarters to create sales. As part of our rep company's services, we can recommend sales promotions, contests, enhanced commissions, in-store point of sale materials, mailings, reprints of reviews, etc., when we feel that any of these will enhance your position and increases your sales.

We "Read" the Sales Floor.  Beyond training, we realize it is important to be fully aware of where every line we represent is positioned at our dealers. We "read" the sales floor to see where product is placed. For example: If a product is placed in the far left hand corner of the shelf, it is clearly not a line that is supported. We will try to find out what the problem is and help you to correct it.

We Can Provide In-depth Sales Training. We can conduct company-wide and one-on-one sales training sessions and attempt to stay in constant communication with your salespeople as part of our company's charter. If necessary, we will produce sales training materials and programs in support of your brand.

We Have Strong Product and Technical Knowledge and Can Supply Outstanding Training and Technical Support. All the members of the New York Marketing Team have extensive experience in the consumer electronics industry. Along with this experience comes many years of first-hand exposure to the products we represent. We have also attended countless trade and manufacturers' training's over the years. This makes our company very knowledgeable and capable of conducting effective training and even troubleshooting products when needed.

We Communicate with and Support our Dealers. Our extensive factory and rep experience has led us to a clear understanding of what we can contribute to help make a line successful. As part of our responsibilities as your representative, we make ourselves available to you for resolution of problems, processing of orders, and return authorizations and trainings. We also communicate aggressively with you by mail, e-mail, a and FAX, to keep you abreast of new products and programs for the lines you carry from us.

We Know What It Takes for a Line to be Successful in the Market. 

Some of the elements we believe are needed to be successful are:

  • Convey the key strengths of a manufacturer's products and programs
  • Conduct sales trainings
  • Follow up and resolve all dealers' problems expeditiously
  • Help build visibility of the Brand in the marketplace and on the dealers' shelves
  • Construct a dealer network that can work well together
  • Preserve healthy dealer margins
  • Instill trust in both the manufacturer and the rep firm
  • Utilize factory support
  • Engage in constant communication
  • Understand the competition
  • Act with total honesty and integrity

We pride ourselves on our ability to:

  • Convey the key strengths of a manufacturer’s products and programs
  • Conduct aggressive and frequent sales training
  • Provide competent technical support
  • Follow up and resolve all dealers’ problems expeditiously
  • Help build visibility of the brand in the marketplace and on the dealers’ shelves 
  • Instill trust in both the manufacturer and the customer
  • Communicate regularly with the factory
  • Be discreet in sharing information between dealers and their competitors 
  • Understand the competition
  • Act with total honesty and integrity