The market leader in video distribution products.






Low heat, small size amplifiers with room adjustment capability. Designed exclusively for custom installation, home theater processors and baluns.





Long-established manufacturer of drive systems, DA convertors, digital clocks and amplifiers. Highly acclaimed for over 21 years by the worlds audiophile press.






 Home Theater electronics that deliver flawless integration.





A market share leader in home theater and lifestyle electronics. Onkyo is known for being ahead of its competition in video processing and streaming capabilities.





One of the founding brands and a leading audio engineering company.







The market share leader in projectors offering a wide range of price points and applications.





Hisense Laser TV is unapologetically amazing at an unbeatable value. In short, it makes all other TVs look like prima donnas.






State of the art DLP Projectors for top of the line home theaters.





 The leader in invisible TV and Audio behind glass in the hospitality market to residential.





 Vutec for Affordable screens, Vision X for step up screens, and Art Screen, for hidden screens and flat panels.





 Anamorphic Home Theater Projector Lenses. Convert 4K projectors to the full 4K UltraWide cinema format of commercial cinemas.






Power Management:

IP controlled power and energy management and surge protection. Advanced power analytic and diagnostics products.







 Automated controls and systems for residences and businesses. Simple and unified control over your home using your Apple devices.







A large range of products that solve a multitude of installation problems. Customization - custom colors, finish or a one off design is available. 






 World famous, audiophile acknowledged outstanding architectural loudspeakers and in walls and sound bars.





 A line of architectural and outdoor loudspeakers with unique ad exclusive designs and tooless instalation. Developed and brought to market by Jeremy Burkhardt and the two other original founders of Speakercraft.





 Clearly the best sounding invisible speaker solution with very easy installation.







High end consumer audio products.








The industry's most complete line of interconnects, wire, and custom cables along with power management products and baluns.






Audiophile High End Interconnects.





Safer and better performing cable that's easier to pull. They have reimagined every aspect of cable to save you time, increase performance and improve safety. You'll experience smoother, hassle-free installations backed by a company that focused on doing it the right way. Our prices? Aggressive. And we do it without compromising the cable. The result is more than just a cable. It is the future of cable.





Fiber Optic Solutions that send signals further and higher bandwidth with minimal to no compression.





Acoustic treatment & design solutions for unlimited solutions.

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